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Testimonials from Parents & Students

Siddhant Saraogi, CSE,University of Waterloo
Student 2016-06-30

Partha is the only institution where the tagline is true : Where Personal Attention is the Culture

Dipramit Pal, IIT Kharagpur
Student 2016-06-30

Partha didn't just teach me science but culture, etiquette etc. and made me what I am now, it acts as a pillar so whenever I fall down, it lifts me back up

Sagnik, CSE,Jadavpur University
Student 2016-06-30

Partha is undoubtedly one of the best things to happen to me; It gave me teachers to whom I can fall back for advice help and guidance my entire life...

Shrestha Adak, CMC, Kolkata
Student 2016-06-30

Partha not only helps us to grow academically, but also as a value centred human being

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