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Why Partha



We never compromise on quality. Our penchant & pursuit of quality is evident in our every activity, in all our actions, at all times, everywhere.

Best Faculty

We can give the commitment of best faculty team available here at any time. We are happy to announce that all the faculties are highly skilled in having years of experience in IIT-JEE.


We strongly believe in the fact that the environment a student studies in is equally important for effective learning. We ensure our students study in an enabling environment equipped with proper classrooms to keep them stress free.

Personalized assistance:

Individual attention is given to each and every student irrespective of one's standing in the merit at any point of time. We never increase our batch size beyond a limit, this facilitates proper Student-Faculty interaction. Our faculty is always willing to clear doubts of students even individually if required.

Teach to Learn

At Partha Educational Institutions we do not just teach physics, chemistry, mathematics or biology. We teach our students to learn. This develops their inquisitive mindset that gives them edge over other students. Our dedication is to help students not only to succeed in their examinations but to create a passion for scientific discovery and logical thinking, which would help them succeed in all aspects of life.

Study Material

We provide our students with a set of study material that has been well researched. It includes everything you need to conquer for your target examination. There are practice sheets with carefully chosen questions so that every key concept is explained properly. The study material provided to the students is prepared by Potential teachers themselves, ensuring a perfect correlation between what is taught in the class and the study material.


A few minutes of coaching class at Partha Educational Institutions is equivalent to hours and hours of study work at home required by the students because of a team of expert teachers who in turn helps as to produce future IITians. Difficult concepts are presented in such a form that students find them very simple and easy to comprehend. All the classes are held in classrooms with modern infrastructures to ensure the optimum balance between comfort and concentration, ensuring very high levels of efficiency in learning.

Testing and Evaluation

Two years of arduous preparation boils down to doing well on that all important day of your examination. The very nature of entrance exams instills a lot of pressure in students and hence it is very important to build the right examination hall temperament so that students can tackle pressure, surprise and create dynamic exam management strategies quickly. Hence testing, assessment and frequent mock examinations form the core of Potential.

Why Partha

  • Dedicated team of IITains.

  • Synchronizing board exams with JEE MAIN/ JEE ADVANCE / WBJEE

  • Specialized classroom programs for KVPY, NTSE, and other Olympiad exams.

  • Ideal study ambiance at classroom.

  • Time management techniques to boost up performance.

  • Student Performance Analysis

  • Mentor based one to one counseling from IITians.

  • Performance monitoring through Chapter Tests(CPT), PARTHA Common Test(PCT) and study card prepared and reviewed by IITians.

  • Complete care of Boards (ICSE & CBSE) with JEE Preparation.


  • Concepts more simpler and logical than ever before only at partha

  • In-depth analysis of each topic with complete notes.

  • Building up each topic from board to competitive examinations level.

  • Structured and systematic tests with full analysis.


  • Classes interactive and entertaining as never before only at partha.

  • Highly disciplined study ambience in classroom.

  • Simulated exam atmosphere.

  • Personal attention and doubt clarification.

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